Thursday, May 18, 2006

Question #2 for Richard Pombo

One of the biggest problems with the current Congress is that legislation appears to be for sale. Big oil companies seem to be getting pretty good ROI (Return on Investment) for their contributions. And remember, a part of every contribution, goes into Pombo's pocket.

Question #2
Just a few weeks ago, as Californians were paying over $3.00 a gallon for gas, you flew to Houston for a fundraiser with oil industry executives. The oil companies that have contributed over $200,000 to your campaign are making billions of dollars in profits, yet, you voted to give millions of dollars in tax breaks to those same companies and let them off the hook for polluting California. Why should voters not believe that you are in the pocket of BIG OIL?

Just whose interests, Mr. Pombo, are you looking out for?

Part 2 of a 5 part series.

PS Will work for gas.


Blogger Delta said...

I almost wrote "Yo, Kevin". Rocky must be getting to me.

Everyone needs to be taking this issue to the press. Pombo and his PR Firm (otherwise known as the House Resources Committee) have made the expansion of enery extraction a key project. 5 of the last 8 Press Releases from the Resources Committee deal with Energy.

Pombo pushes energy extraction in 3 areas: ANWR, oil shale and coal liquefaction. You can you can read about ANWR at PomboWatch, (Put ANWR into the search box and hit enter.)

For all of these, the numbers presented are misleading at best and border on being downright lies. The processes for coal liquefation require low sulpher coal (Wyoming) and that is running $85 / ton and make this a borderline case for oil, even at current prices. The processes are known and even the Chinese (significantly lower labor costs and less environmental regulation) are not sure if it is worth the investment. The ANWR justification is really obscenely inflated when Pombo talks of jobs to be created.

10:20 AM, May 18, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo Youse Yo-Yos.

Rocky here. Foist of all, Rocky tips his hat to dis Mr Keefe guy, not only fer using his real name, but also fer having duh kinda street-smarts Rocky has in understandin dat dis here battle should be focussed on ButtaPombO.

Youse guys remember Vinnie Lombardi from duh Green Bay Fudge Packers? He shared his woids of wisdum wit all of dis great country when he said dat sumtin like "the best defense is a good offense," so Rocky don't mean no disrespect or nuttin like dat to Mr Keefe, but if you wanna defend yer wildlife or anyting else you gotta be tinking bout goin on duh offense. Put ButtaPombO on the defensive end or the tight end or whatever fudge he wanna pack, but dats duh way you win dis scrimmage. You know what I mean?

Den again, its obvious to Rocky dat Mr Keefe alreddy realize dis which is why he's askin dese good questions fer which it appears Pombo ain't got no good answers. Mr Keefe ain't wastin no time DEFENDING wildlife, he's offending dem if you asks me. Dere's lesson plans here for alla us.

Now Rocky is notin a general uplifting in duh quality of duh conversation going on in dis here blot, as if youse all decided to put a wunderbra on yer vocal cords. Even ButtaWipeO been layin off the shit-throwing, which is a good ting, cuz den he might be able to win a spot in duh Inner Circle wit me and Mr VPO sum day. Esp if duh California Noises can also get his diaper changed and get him cleaned up a bit between now and June 6. Heh heh.

Dis dialog between Gibby Boy, whos supporting Pretty Boy, and duh anonymous guy whos supportin Rockys guy McNerney, is at least civilization. Rocky sorta agrees sumwhat wit Gibby Boy in tinkin sum of duh McNerney rhetoric is a bit over duh top even if it is all true. Remember if dis guy Filson wins in June, we Dems supportin McNerney are gonna have to support Pretty Boy even if it means we gotta hold our noses on account dat ButtaWipeO is still hangin around in duh shadows stinkin up duh joint like Paulie after eatin a burrito when he ain't chased it down wit a few Beanos.

So Rocky's message dis time is directed at McNerney - be careful of duh woids you youse to tawk about Pretty Boy, cuz Rocky ain't sure who duh hell duh winners gonna be.

And to youse supporters of Pretty Boy: Keep a diaper on Ass Noises=Buttwipes=Rickey=Robert Kellar or else you gonna blow dis whole ting and leave ButtaPombO in power.

Yo Mr $.02 - did Rocky figure out duh connections here like you been teachin me or what?

Rocky out. And as of dis message, Rocky gonna lay off ButtaWipeO unless he goes back in shit-throwin mode in duh interest of achievin mutual debutante. You hear dat ButtaWipeO? Lay off of McNerney and maybe he (and Rocky) will lay offa you. You started the shit-throwin so you gotta be duh foist to end it.

10:50 AM, May 18, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo one of you in duh Inner Circle.

Rocky here. Tanks for the hot tip and sendin along to Rocky duh click-on ting dat lets you go to a website. Remember Rocky asked youse guys if duh Boxer match between duh Fightin Repug McClosky, ButtaPombO, and BeanO weren't available nowhere on duh internet noplace and one of youse responded wit dis:

Now after seeing dis video I gotta tell you dat Rocky like dis fightin Repug McClosky cuz he really gets who duh friggin enema is. So even ButtaPombO call him a Dem like us, and as I been askin, are youse guys sure he ain't just actin like a Repuglican in order to pull off a Trojan Condom strategy? I mean no matter duh probabilities, he'd have 'em covered is duh way Rocky sees it. Heh heh.

And doesn't dis guy Pombo guy come across as a fat friggin pig on dis here video? Even his jowls seem to be stuft with Abramoff dough just like sum friggin chipmunk like Alvin, you know duh one who sang dat cute little Chrismas song way back when when Rocky wuz still in duh ring. Rocky used to serenade Adrian around duh tree wit dat one, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, like I wuz sayin, it seems to Rocky dat if us Dems want to win, we oughta be collectin videos of dis guy and payin to have 'em broadcast cuz duh way Rocky sees it is dat dis guy comes across as a real buttwipe. He's his own woist enema if youse ask me.

Yo Rickey - I wasn't tawkin 'bout you so keep yer trap shut. I called for debutante in my last message, you remember?

Rocky out.

1:02 PM, May 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mutual debutante?

that is about the most hilarious thing i've seen on this here "blot".

rocky -- when are you going to get promoted to the main page? you are a breath of er, um... fresh air. thanks for being the voice of um, er... reason. :)

10:53 PM, May 18, 2006  

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