Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Question #1 for Richard Pombo

I am still waiting for the press covering Pombo to do their job and make Richard Pombo answer some lingering questions. Since they aren't getting it done, we need to start pushing these questions out there.

Question #1

Over the last several years, you have paid your wife and brother over $450,000 in campaign funds; you rent a luxury Lincoln for yourself with funds from your congressional office budget; and you take a yearly vacation to Reno paid for by special interests.

Especially outrageous are the campaign payments to your wife since you have a joint checking account. The effect of this is that a piece of every special-interest campaign check you get from corporations such as Exxon Mobil, Shell Oil, Anadarko Petroleum, finds its way into your pocket.

In essence, you are being paid by the very special interests you regulate. How do you justify this personal self-dealing and appearance of outright corruption to the voters of your district?

This is the first in a series of five.

Pombo in their Pocket now has our Pleasanton office up and running with Ed Yoon as campaign manager. The office number is 925 249-1626 and Ed's email is


Blogger Delta said...

Kevin, you have to find something that the press thinks will win them a Pulitzer. The eye is always on the bottom line, except when they eye the prize and ego steps in.

PS. Rocky, yah wanna know I'm a boy or a goil? Just ask Adrian.

4:04 PM, May 17, 2006  
Anonymous bgibb said...

I'm interested to hear from a Jerry supporter about why, since all of you seem fired up primarily about Pombo, his attacks generally hit Filson while Filson is the one hitting Pombo. Explanation please.

6:23 PM, May 17, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo Mr Keefe.

Rocky here. Its about time one of youse guys used a real name. Pleased to meat you and all dat - is you in duh Inner Circle or duh Outer Circle? How many Defenders you gonna provide to dis here battle?

Now dis here is a good question you posed for, cuz it keeps dis discussion focussed on duh matter at hand. Not McNerney, Pretty Boy, or duh Repugs, but Public Enema #1. Pombo.

Rocky can't believe dat Pombo give his wife a cut of his take from duh Big Money he's pullin in wit dis champagne. Dere is no friggin way sumtin like dat should be goin on, you know what I'm sayin? So like what can we do to help get dese reporters to do dere job and report sumtin like dis? Can you like maybe issue one of dem Pre-Releases or sumtin?

Anyways, yo Delta. I asked Adrian about you and I concluded dat you must be a goil. Cuz she said, she said, "I never met a real man til I met you Rocky." So if you know my Adrian, you must be a goil, cuz you can't never fault logic like Rocky's no way and no how. Heh heh heh.

And yo Gibby Boy! Its good to see you back on dis here blot trying to get an honest discussion goin. Good fer you - dis tells Rocky yer smartenin up and stayin away from dat ButtaWipeO guy. But I poisonally ain't seen where "Filson is the one hitting Pombo." Could you please provide Rocky wit some evidence to justify dat statement?

I'll consider it accordianly as I contemplate raising Pretty Boys place in duh great Rocky Poll, which I'm gonna put out weakly fer duh benefit of all of youse guys no matter what Circle yer in.

Rocky out.

7:42 PM, May 17, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

Yo Rocky, what's up with that? Don't you know, Annettes gotta have the cash to pay for her beauty shop visits and her acting lessons. How else she gonna be in those commercials for her main man with the cowboy hat?

It's like I sez to all those rich Republican sycophants going to the Cheney fundraiser, I sez, just make the checks out to "Annette Pombo". That will save everyone a lot of paperwork and unnecessary bureaucratic stuff.

The way Pombo tells it, he never broke any House rules or nuthin' (wink, wink, ha, ha). The reporters print it like that, with a straight face: "Pombo said he has never, repeat never, broken any House rules."

Hehe, don't tell them reporters, but the House ain't got no rules no more. So how can Pombo break 'em? It's like, "Hey Charley, did I break any rules?" "Yeah, sure, sure you did. But don't tell nobody. Heh, heh, heh," Charley sez. That's what they call "ethics" these days. Everyone in DC has a big laugh. Things are pretty funny over there on K Street. At least they were, until DeLay and Abramoff, two of Pombo's best pals, got indicted.

Out here though, the way the reporters see it, if he ain't sitting in jail, he must not have done nuthin wrong. Even if he was in the slammer, Pombo would still say he didn't do it, that it was a frame job by Democrats and guys like Rocky, and the papers would print that like it's fact or something.

You wanna know about an Inner Circle? I tell you these creeps in Congress got one helluva "Inner Circle". Big oil, gas, coal companies are shoveling money into Pombo's pocket. Pombo writes checks for Annette and his brother Ralph, then all Pombo has to do is go get some law passed to give billions in subsidies and tax breaks for his buddies at Exxon or wherever. Easy money. Annette goes to the beauty parlor and her acting classes, and we all get sh*t upon.

You been to the gas pumps lately or is Adrian still drivin' you all over the place? Next time you're there, check the price. That's what I'm talking about.

Pombo can fill the whole gymnasium with his family, like he did at the Tracy Press forum. He can bring his friends and all the people he's paid off, he can even bring his cows, with them mooing their asses off, but it ain't gonna hide the fact that most people of the 11th District got eyes and can read the price on the friggin gas pump.

Then all they got to do is see that Pombo is in bed with Exxon, Texaco, Shell, as well as Annette, and they can put 2 and 2 together and throw the bum out.

10:59 PM, May 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bgibb -

it's a democratic primary. democrats are not voting for pombo (well, some of them may be voting for mccloskey). democrats are voting for filson or mcnerney.

mcnerney appears to be addressing filson's positions on the issues, providing a contrast for democrats to long as the focus is on issues, these are legitimate comparisons to make.

here's a cliched analogy that rocky might appreciate (when is rocky going to get promoted to the front page anyway? :):

mcnerney is hitting filson "above the belt" on the issues. filson, on the other hand, has hit mcnerney below the belt (as long-time readers of this blog are all too aware).

filson is behind in the polls, so i wouldn't be surprised if he goes seriously negative on mcnerney. only question is if it will be above the belt or below the belt.

the answer to that question will be a good barometer of filson's integrity.

in any event, i can't wait for the democratic primary to be over. i like both candidates, but i'm looking forward to the post-primary season when the entire focus will be on sir richard (speaking of, props to the front-page writers who focus on pombo no matter the democratic primary blog battles).

question: kevin keefe -- are you with defenders of wildlife? if so, keep up the great work!

11:12 PM, May 17, 2006  
Anonymous bgibb said...

I certainly agree with you that hitting Filson about issues is appropriate; in fact, that’s what I’d like to see more of on this blog. However, your above the belt and below the belt standards seem to me to be completely skewed. In the entire e-mail below please compare the references to issues (of which there is, I grant you, a cursory mention) to the references to “swanky hotels,” “name recognition,” “ad blitz” “fancy fundraisers,” and “Washington insiders.” Add that to McNerney’s blatantly falsified claim that the CFT opposes Filson and I can’t see how he’s staying above the belt. And, by the way, who inside the McNerney campaign decided to spout that last concoction, and why doesn’t that individual receive the garbage Keller and Bishopp do on this blog? All the talk of smears and dishonesty seems to run in Filson’s direction here while in the real world McNerney’s folks are on the attack with erroneous and immediately repudiated “information.”

Here’s the e-mail I’m talking about:

As you now know, an independent poll released last Thursday shows that Jerry
McNerney would defeat Richard Pombo 46% to 42% if the November election were
held today.

As a result, all eyes are now on the June 6th Democratic primary -- just 22
days away. While Jerry is talking to voters every day at events in Stockton,
Lodi and Pleasanton, our opponent is raising boatloads of cash at fancy
fundraisers in New York City and Los Angeles.

The stakes are higher than ever. That's why we just put up a new "boot" a
few days ago. To make sure Jerry can win on June 6th, we need to raise
$50,000 by May 17th -- this Wednesday's Federal Election Commission campaign
finance reporting deadline.

The FEC deadline is looming. Please click here right now to help Jerry raise
what it takes to win before this Wednesday!

We've got a major battle on our hands, folks. And you are on the front

As you know, Jerry is leading BOTH Richard Pombo and his Democratic primary
opponent in the polls, largely fueled by grassroots excitement about Jerry's
message to transform the district into the Silicon Valley of renewable
energy. This excitement has provided the foundation for endorsements from
the California Democratic Party, the 2-million member California Labor
Federation, and the San Jose Mercury News.

Unfortunately, there are STILL thousands of voters who are undecided. With
22 days left in the campaign, at least 30% don't have a preference in the
primary -- even absentee voters with ballots in their hand at this very

Why are thousands of voters still undecided? It's simple. Even though Jerry
is leading in the polls, our grassroots campaign would need to hold several
$1000-a-plate dinners to afford the TV and radio ads that can significantly
increase name recognition and win over undecided voters.

But our campaign isn't being bankrolled by Washington insiders who can host
fancy fundraisers at swanky hotels. Our campaign is funded by you, concerned
citizens who know a renewable energy expert is the ideal answer to take on
Richard Pombo and his Big Oil buddies.

The only way Jerry can win on June 6th is with your support. While we do
need large contributions up to the $2,100 FEC limit, every contribution
counts no matter the size, large or small. Please contribute whatever you
can afford -- $50, $100, $250, $500, or any amount up to the $2,100 federal

Our opponent is raising thousands of dollars at fancy fundraisers outside
the state. And yet we haven't seen any direct mail sent from his campaign.
Why? It appears that he's going to spend all that money on TV and radio ads
in the final days of the campaign. As Steve Filson said in an e-mail to his
supporters on Thursday:

"With your help, we can communicate our message to every voter in the
district over the radio and on TV... If just 65 people click here and give
$500 or more we can take our message to the airwaves. If you can help us get
on the air today, please do!"

-- Steve Filson, May 11, 2006

Steve Filson is taking a big gamble at the last minute. The reason Filson is
going to buy 30-second sound bites on TV and radio is because he knows he
can't win this Democratic primary on the issues. Filson, a former
Republican, supports an expansion of nuclear power. He will not support a
firm timeline for bringing our troops home from Iraq as soon as possible.
And he will not express support for universal health care.

Filson also knows that his name recognition is extremely low, as our
internal polling demonstrates. Without a substantial grassroots campaign
that has feet on the street and voices on the phones, running a massive TV
ad blitz is the only way Filson's Washington handlers think he can win.

No matter how many TV ads Filson runs over the air, we can still beat him on
the ground. However, it will require a renewed commitment from our
supporters. Let' s demonstrate our people power right now by raising $50,000
by Wednesday! Can you contribute $50, $100, $250, $500, or any amount up to
the federal maximum of $2,100?

I know I've asked you to support our campaign several times before, but this
is the most important request I've ever written. We need to reach out RIGHT
NOW and touch these voters -- especially absentee voters.

We would not be this close to winning without you - the grassroots and
netroots supporters who have contributed thousands of hours, dollars, and
ideas to our growing campaign.

With your help in the next 48 hours, we can win the primary on June 6th and
give Pombo the boot on November 7th!

Tell me that's a substantive, issue-based appeal. You can't do it.

5:53 AM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger Kevin Keefe said...

Yes, I am with Defenders.

And yes, I will keep my focus, on this site, on saying no to Pombo.

The my side's attacks are noble versus your side's attacks are cheap and petty, argument is a bunch of bunk. This kind of talks alienates, when we are going to need to unite in a few weeks.

For me, it's all about Pombo.

8:01 AM, May 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bgibb -

that's a substantive, issue-based appeal.

In the entire e-mail below please compare the references to issues (of which there is, I grant you, a cursory mention) to the references to “swanky hotels,” “name recognition,” “ad blitz” “fancy fundraisers,” and “Washington insiders.”

everything in that e-mail is a fact, to the best of my knowledge.

can you prove any of it wrong?

fact. filson attended a "fancy" fundraiser in new york city.

fact. filson's name recognition is low.

fact. filson told his supporters that he was planning to go up on tv and radio. unless filson is feinting, that's a last-minute "ad blitz."

fact. filson's campaign is being bankrolled by "washington insiders."

and, on the issues:

fact. filson supports the expansion of nuclear power.

fact. filson does not support a firm timeline for withdrawing from iraq.

fact. filson does not support universal health care.

everything is factual. just because the mcnerney campaign describes those facts with some flair in a fundraising pitch does not mean the framing is illegitimate.

that's politics. and it's ~~~above~~~ the belt.

8:18 AM, May 18, 2006  
Anonymous just wondering said...

I'm just wondering when bgibb ever heard Filson or his people attacking Pombo. When I see him he's always talking about losing his pension, how he's electable, and all the past candidates being losers (below the belt if I ever saw it). I've really never noticed much that was more substantive than that.


i'm also wondering when the Filson people will stop whining and start campaigning.

11:20 AM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger JLou said...

Filson attended a "fancy fundraiser" in New York because he was here for my law school graduation. His campaign scheduled an event for the same weekend -- that's just smart and efficient campaigning.

As for the "facts" contained in McNerney's mailer regarding positions on issues, all of them are the typical misrepresentations and exaggerations that are to be expected when one candidate goes negative against another. (e.g., Filson does not "support George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind Act"; he said if it's going to be there it has to be fully funded, which is a position most educators agree with.) But all that's just politics. Nonetheless, I am baffled by comments like anonymous's who said: "filson is behind in the polls, so i wouldn't be surprised if he goes seriously negative on mcnerney." McNerney is the first and only candidate in this primary to send out negative mailers (which contained falsehoods, no less). Filson's mailers to date don't even mention McNerney.

Moreover, the statement about the California Federation of Teachers was an outright lie and one that was allowed to go to print by the McNerney campaign even though they were aware that it was not true. To me, it's just as disappointing and sleazy as the anonymous drive-by attack that was left on this blog regarding the Tallitch book. Except this falsehood was mailed to every voting Democrat in the district.

- JF (Filson's daughter)

1:01 PM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

Rocky and me, and Delta and Kevin, and even Babaloo now, we's all are fightin Pombo. This "he said, she said" stuff is kinda distractin, like someone yelling "you suck, Rocky" when he's in the ring fightin Apollo Creed.

But I can understand it, you got your heart and soul in a campaign, and you want your guy to win. Makes sense. I don't think anyone's done anything down and dirty, not like Ivan Drago done to Rocky in their fight.

So I sez, "let the best man win" and I don't mean Paulie, who wuz the best man at Rocky and Adrian's wedding. I mean McNerney or Filson, and maybe even Thomas.Any one of them gots a big fight up ahead, like going up against Mr T on steroids, so we's all got to join hands after the primary and work to beat that bum, Pombo.

1:14 PM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger JLou said...

I completely agree with you, VPO. I'm sure you can understand, though, that "Filsonistas" would find it irritating that when Filson does something supposedly untoward, everyone on this blog is up in arms (in fact, whole posts are devoted to it).

But when McNerney screws up, which he absolutely did in this case (the executive director of the CFT has issued a written statement calling the move "stunning" and "dishonest"), everyone says, quit whining and let's focus on Pombo.

Frustrating, to say the least.

3:36 PM, May 18, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo Ms Lou.

Rocky here. Pleased to make yer acquiesence. My foist question to you is dis: If you is Pretty Boys dawter den you are hereby known as Pretty Goil. My Adrian is also a pretty goil, but you is hereby officially christianed Pretty Goil. Since no one but Rocky and a few udder guys like Nick use der real names around here, you gotta have an alibi too.

So dis is what Rocky say to you: Rocky alreddy told dem McNerney guys dat dey were a little over duh top in their rhetoric in some of dese pieces. Rocky always fair, cuz dere ain't no frigging referee on dis here blot.

Duh problem as Rocky sees it is dat yer guy Rickey is duh source of dis hole problem, who started dis champagne flowing down the wrong track, if you know what I mean. He got everybody all riled up including even Rocky, and den he expects everybody not to be throwin the shit he's throwin right back at him?

In short, maybe Pretty Boy been victimized cuz he made a bad decision when he hired Rickey. But Rocky's point is dat cuz Rickey been fightin dirty is settin the tone for Jerry's response. If you wanna stop dis here spiral of destruction for us Dems you would do one of 2 tings:

1. Tell your fodder to fire the SOB. Your champagne would smell a whole lot better den it does now.
2. Demand Rickey say sumtin nice about Jerry on dis here blot to re-establish more cordial relations if he can't fire 'em, cuz Rocky recognize that its kinda late in dis game to be replacing key players.

Dis is fare cuz McNerney people have alreddy apologied for dere mistake on duh mailin, so youse need to understand duh role dat Rickey has played in creatin the stinky atmosphere dat he created amongst all us Dems wit all his dirty tricks.

If dis crap continues, Rocky gonna change to DTS and vote fer duh Fightin Repug McClosky. Mr VPO is right. I ain't never seen so many people yappin so much widdout seemin to have an understanding of how we got to this sorry state of affairs.

Rocky out. And youse McNerney people need to watch out too, like Rocky said. Rocky symbolically raisin Pretty Boy above Beano in duh Rocky Poll in an effort to promote healing in dis here circle. New order: McNerney, McClosky, Thomas, Pretty Boy, Beano, and ButtaPombO.

4:10 PM, May 18, 2006  

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