Monday, May 22, 2006

Modesto Bee Stings Pombo

You have to check out the Modesto Bee's endorsement of Pombo in the Republican primary.

I guarantee it's one clip he won't be passing out.

It begins with:

With his close ties to disgraced Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay, contributions from clients of admitted criminal Jack Abramoff, and his off-the-wall plan to sell national parks, Richard Pombo looks to be ripe for defeat in the 11th Congressional District.
And the Bee hints it may endorse another candidate in the general election:

It could be a different story in November. Then, a well-financed Democrat with distinctly differing views will present a clearer alternative. Then, Pombo will have to explain why 15 American Indian tribes, all with business before his House committee and some represented by Abramoff, have been so generous to him; why he has voted to protect oil companies' royalties and increase their profits; why he worked so hard to protect DeLay's power, and why he wanted to sell off pieces of 15 national parks.
I never thought I would get off track of my 5 questions for Richard Pombo series, to post excerpts from a Pombo endorsement.

Of course, the Bee brings up a few good questions, too.

I'll get back on track tomorrow.

Join Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund in going door-to-door to talk about Richard Pombo on Saturday, May 27, 10:00 AM and Sunday, May 28, 10:00 AM. Meet at the Defenders’ new campaign office in Pleasanton at 555 Peters Avenue. Contact Ed Yoon at Defenders to get involved.


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