Sunday, April 02, 2006

Yosemite for Sale?

Bill Wade, Chair of the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, will be speaking at 7pm on Wed, April 5 in Pleasanton and at 7pm on Thu, April 6 in Stockton on the Future of America's National Parks.

These Sierra Club sponsored events will give a vision of an America that protects our parks for future generations. Mr Wade will speak out against Richard Pombo's proposals to sell national park lands to private developers and other proposals that would harm these national treasures.

A special thanks to Brent Plater who took this picture of local activists who greeted Richard Pombo as he showed up for an event in Sausalito yesterday. We need to keep reminding Pombo that most Americans support the Endangered Species Act and will not allow it to be tinkered with.

Don't forget Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund will begin canvassing on April 15 in Pleasanton, Dublin and San Ramon. For more details on this or on Bill Wade's events, please email me at


Blogger Delta said...

That is great. Here is a comment from a blog called Forest Policy, Forest Practice. This blog is primarily for academia and US FS planners.
Lure of Money is Shaping the National Forests
Dave Iverson

We are seeing more advertising, more fees, more roads to draw timber sales and lumber-mill jobs, more attempts to sell land outright, more "partnerships"—often with big-money concessionaires and others with greedy eyes focused keenly on our national forests. April Fool's joke? Yes, but not in the traditional 4/1 sense. Foolishness seems to abound within the FS, the Congress, and the Administration. Or maybe it is "wisdom," and I'm the April Fool?

For more, see John Haliprin's Forest Service looking for new revenue, Seattle Times, 3/29

5:22 PM, April 02, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

Yes, by funding wasteful wars oversees, then providing tax cuts to the wealthy, Bush and friends have managed to vastly underfund the parks. Pombo goes right along with this whole scheme, because the next steps after underfunding is to seek "alternative funding" sources -- in other words, sell off parts of the parks and sell advertising inside the parks on the buses and visitor centers and museums and trails and etc., etc.

Kind of like 3COM Park or something, but these are national treasures that should be protected from rampant commercialism. The problem is that if they are seen as commodities to be exploited, that will destroy them, as the commercial implications of an action will override any natural or historic purpose.

I will never go along with this, as I think it is the sign of a society in ultimate decline that the only value ever considered is commercial. That has already destroyed much of the American natural lands, and continues to do so all over the world. Yet, short-sighted, ignorant people like Pombo push for more and more of this -- drill in the Arctic refuge, cut down the Tongass old-growth, hunt for whales offshore. All we ever hear from these people is "exploit, exploit, exploit".

The only "renaming" I would support is for the White House to be called "Haliburton Hall" and Congress to be named "Exxon Central". That at least would be honest.

11:49 AM, April 03, 2006  

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