Sunday, April 16, 2006

Revving up the RV on the Tax Day Tour

This is Kevin reporting on the road from the Pombo in their Pocket RV Tax Day Tour.

We are driving around in a RV that has signs all over that highlight Richard Pombo's family vacation, where he rented a RV, took his family on a tour of National Parks, and then had the gall to charge it to us taxpayers.

Nothing like a big visual aid to demonstrate how Richard Pombo is spending your tax dollars. I don't know about you, but I don't believe that hard-working Americans should have to foot the bill for Pombo's family to take a vacation.

The smart thing for Pombo to do, when this RV scandal hit the newspapers, would have been to apologize and return the money. Instead, Pombo apologists defend Pombo's family vacation by essentially saying that we are lucky he didn't charge us more. Pombo clearly has been running with the wrong crowd to get this sense of entitlement.

The first thing we learned on our drive to Lodi from Dublin, was that when you put a sign on your RV that says, "Honk if your tired of Richard Pombo wasting your tax money!", you better be prepared to hear some noise. People's reactions were great!

We pulled into downtown Lodi around 8:30am, distributed flyers, and got the thumbs up from people buying their morning coffee. From there we headed to Stockton, pulled in front of The Record and showed off our RV to reporters.

At 11 we cruised through downtown Tracy, passed out a bunch of flyers, and spoke to the Tracy Press. It is now 1pm, we are in downtown Pleasanton and another RV has just joined us. We will have ourselves a caravan as we meander our way down to Morgan Hill.

You will be glad to know that the Pombo in Their Pocket RV did not cost taxpayers one dime.

And, a big thank you to everyone who joined our door-to-door canvass on Saturday.


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